Sibling Rivalry (2017)

Directed by La'Tevin Alexander

Written by Dr. James Webb

Sibling Rivalry is a comedy based around sibling relations during, before, and after a funeral. The play is comprised of vignettes to tell the stories of siblings in the south, brought to you by some lovely commercial sponsors throughout the night! 

"Every 28 Hours" (2016)

Directed by La'Tevin Alexander


Produced by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival under the leadership of Claudia Alick,( OSF's Community Producer) and Dominic D’Andrea (The One-Minute Play Festival, Producing AD), in association with local St. Louis theater makers, developed The Every 28 Hours Plays, a national project focused on the current Black Lives Matter movement. The title came from the widely shared and contested statistic that every 28 hours a black person is killed by vigilante, security guard, and/or the police in the United States. The project consists of 60+ one minute plays and original local content with participation from artists across the nation.

      The Dutchman (2015)

                                                                Written by Amiri Baraka                                                                  Directed by La'Tevin Alexander

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